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Dawn Chorus at Arcadia - Linda Harris
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Arcadia Cattery is a small family business, run by myself (Linda) and my husband Andy. We have a great love for animals, with over 40 years experience working with them. When we purchased the house, we had a dream of opening a cattery within the grounds.

Before building, we carefully researched catteries across the country. We eventually walked into Pedigree Pen's Cattery. We both looked at each other and said "WOW this is the on for us!"

I can't forget to mention our very own Redpoint Ragdoll cat, Mr. Darcy.  He's in charge of our  meeting and greeting and patrols the grounds to make sure all our guests are content.


The Rooms

The cattery comprises of 17 double rooms and 7 family suites all with the ability to interconnect if larger rooms are needed.

The rooms are provided by Britain's leading cattery manufacturer: Pedigree Pens. The rooms are made from high quality UPVC; it is the same material used for modern windows, doors and conservatories. This material is very durable and hygienic. Each room is thermally insulated, the roof is heat reflecting with a ventilation system. There is a viewing window, shelving for their bedding and a cat flap which leads to their private play area. Each room contains high quality toys, play equipment and scratch posts.

 The play areas have toughened safety glass and have an insulated bottom panel. A lift out panel allows us to increase room sizes for multiple cat families. No contact can take place between other residents, but your cat will be able to see their neighbours if they choose to. Each room has a highly galvanised door panel of paw safe mesh which leads safely to the corridor. There are multi point locking access doors leading out of the corridor to ensure your cat's safety. All areas are covered with CCTV units.

We like to be as eco friendly as possible from the recycled poly flooring to our biodegradable cat litter (Benek corn litter) no smell!! Our Beco Pets food and water bowls are made from natural BPA free bamboo making it strong and durable.

The Garden

When planning the cattery, we wanted to ensure the cats would be entertained and fully stimulated. For this reason, the design of the garden became as important as the rooms  themselves. We have the garden to attract birds and butterflies to our herbaceous borders in  the day and moths by night with the soft garden lighting. There is a section of wild bird feeders and nesting boxes, a water feature with the sound of trickling water, and wind sculptures for movement. Hanging baskets also feature on our pagodas in summer.