Our Covid 19 Precautions   Please read     

We apologize but with the current Covid 19 continuing, we have suspended our viewings at present. We have put together this video of the cattery and garden which also includes our procedures. Hopefully this will ease your mind as we totally understand your concerns regarding your cat's accommodation. As we are meeting and greeting people that are travelling around both the UK and aboard, we need to keep ourselves safe, our staff safe and more importantly you safe.

We hope you understand our concerns. 

Covid 19 Safety Regulations

Our covid precaution will remain in place for the foreseeable future sorry while the virus is on the increase. 


Please view our virtual tours of our rooms as our viewings are not going ahead at the moment sorry. We are hoping to reinstate them early 2022 


Covid 19 safety regulations below. Masks are optional, I will be wearing mine. 


Please make sure your cat's collar is removed before you bring them into the cattery. Thank you.


Unfortunately at this present time we have been advised NOT to accept any bedding, toys, dishes from you sorry. The reason is, we would be required to wash from entry,  therefore the 'smell' would be eliminated straight away. As we wash everything in the cattery already,  for any extra washing, a small fee would be charged. 


 We do accept a small  towel/mat in the bottom of the carriers to prevent slipping and will remain in the carrier. If any are soiled they will be thrown away. 


Upon arrival at the cattery, the bell is now moved to the outer gate on the right hand side 

The outer gate is now kept locked at all times. 


Please allow us time to get from the cattery to meet you. We are expecting you in your allocated time slot.  We may be attending to another cat or calmly getting your cat into the carrier. You may not hear our new door bell as we have a long garden but we are able to. 


I will meet you at the outer gate and ask you to come just inside and place the carriers on the ground.


We will take any correspondence/feed/meds clearly marked, from here

Payment will remain the same either bacs/ cheque or cash in envelopes please


 To save any confusion  Payments are due on arrival to the cattery. 


I will take the cats from you here.


If anyone else is in the drive already, please wait in your car until they have been attended to. 


We have hand sanitisers at the gate for you to use. 


All vaccinations to be sent over on line if possible or if you could bring your own copy that would make it easier. 


Hopefully the handover will be carried out safely for both of us and smoothly as possible.


As usual you will be updated during your cat's holiday with emails and photos.


As the world is opening up, we  hope you understand this procedure has to be in place at this present time to protect you, and my staff. 

Let's hope it will not last forever.

If you have any concerns please contact me and I will be happy to advise.