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Terms & Conditions

Dawn Chorus at Arcadia - Linda Harris

Please see our Tariff page for our booking terms.


Before you book please check our cancellation policy 

We require a £25 non refundable non transferable deposit per room to secure your cats room. £50 non refundable non transferable deposit per room over 16 days

Deposits to be paid within 5 days of your booking.

After that period due to high demand for our rooms the room/s will be release back on to our system and we can not guarantee a room will be available 

Changes to our Cancellations Policy  (living with covid) 

If you cancel your booking less than 7 days before the start of your cats stay a lower fee of £25 per room will be charged in addition to the £25 deposit per room that will have already been received.

A total fee of £50  replacing the 50% of the full invoice as previously required.

 We are all having to live with the last minuet disruptions/disappointments that covid causes.

I hope you understand that in fairness to ourselves and our staff and to continue to maintain our high standards. This  policy requirement is to be in place whilst covid is still effecting travel and tourism industry

 All bookings are looked at as individual cases  

Amendments to bookings less than 7 days before arrival will not be deducted from invoice inclusive of Christmas and New Year.

 Unfortunately we are not able to offer deposits to be carried over onto another booking.


We ask you please to check holiday Insurance for those people who are travelling abroad regarding flights and borders closures. Other reasons for wavering the fees will be at the discretion of ourselves. 

We always do our upmost to re let your rooms wherever possible.

 Payment are required on arrival of your cat/s into our cattery.

 Owners returning to collect their cats before the contracted booking period will be required to pay the full contracted booking fee for your cats room. No refunds for early pick ups sorry.

Medication and Veterinary Treatment


We require all cats to be fully inoculated against feline panleukopenia FPV (infectious enteritis),                                    feline viral rhino tracheitis and feline caliciviral FCV (flu). In addition we advise customers to have their cats        inoculated against feline leukaemia virus. Your own vet's advice should be sought on this matter. Homeopathic     vaccinations are not acceptable for this purpose. Vaccination certificates will be inspected at every visit.


All cats need to be wormed (even indoor cats) so preparations from your veterinary surgeon are recommended.                 If your cat has the "spot-on" type flea control we ask that to be carried out no more than 7 days before their         cattery stay.


Please bring medication in original containers with clear instructions on them. We require customers to sign the      veterinary treatment consent form which authorises us to seek veterinary treatment for your cat if needed.                  We prefer to use your cat's own vet where this is practical as they will have access to the cat's records including           any allergies to drugs. Where this is not possible due to distance/urgency/unavailability our own vet will be consulted.      In an emergency situation we will try to contact the emergency number provided by our customers.                                This is so that  a person can participate in any decision to be made about the cat.  If no one is able to be contacted Arcadia Cattery  and the Veterinary Surgeon  will make a decision  in the best interests of the cat.


If your cat is on medication we are happy to dispense it to them without additional charge. However, we do not offer insulin injections.


Un-neutered Cats 
Cats over the age of  6 months who are not neutered cannot be accepted for boarding.

Cat Collars

We like to remove collars where possible but if you are not happy with this decision then the collars are worn entirely at owners risk.


We require a copy of this contract to be signed by every customer before boarding their pets. Please read it before signing,  you will find it on the 'Bookings' page.


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