Dawn Chorus at Arcadia - Linda Harris

Before you book make sure you have read the 'Terms and Conditions' to enable us to care for your furbabies. We like to ensure that we have up to date information on your cat's requirements thank you.

Bookings will be held for 4 working days until your deposit is received. 


Phone: 01788 817920

Special Requirements


We aim to feed your cat the same foods they are eating at home. We serve a wide variety of dry foods, wet cans or pouches. Our guest will be fed twice a day with Wet food.

Dried food will be available throughout the day for cats to graze. Fresh water is replenished throughout the day. Extra food can be given by special request.  Treats are offered at the owners request. Due to supply and demand of our dried food, we are only able to supply a small range or Royal Canine, Hills, Science Plan range to cater for all cats, if you require a special type, ie breed, hairball etc, we ask you have to supply your own, sorry. 

Please ask when booking what we have in our stock if you have any concerns, thank you.  

Please state on your booking form if your cat does not like a certain food type.

E.g. in jelly or  gravy. If your cat is on prescription diet we would ask you to supply this and

to provide an adequate supply for the length of stay.​ Please see our feed list.


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If your cat has a disability in some way, we can adapt our routine and accommodation to help. Use of sounds and smells, a set place for everything, small chairs to aid access to shelves, adjusted temperature in the sleeping quarters can make a difference to your cat being confident and happy and enjoying their time with us.


One of the ways we can help your cat settle in, especially if they are prone to stress, is the careful use of Feliway. This is a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone used by cats to mark territory as safe and secure.  By mimicking these pheromones, Feliway creates a feeling of familiarity and security for the cat, especially in new and unfamiliar environments. Please let us know before you arrive if you think your cat needs Feliway. As Feliway is alcohol based we need to spray your cat's suite and bedding before hand.

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