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What's on the Menu in our Cat café 

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Litter Trays

Your cat will have a clean litter tray. The litter trays are cleaned daily and thoroughly disinfected between stays. We use a corn base litter, no smell! Other litters can be used.

Bedding and Toys

Bedding and beds are provided,  if your cat prefer their own bedding, we are happy to say  from February 1st 2022 we are resuming this service. Clean bedding only please. 

Heating and Fans

Indoor cats, elderly cats and kittens are given more heat in cold months but all cats are given heat in chilly weather. All thermostatically controlled.

Fans are used in the summer to regulate the temperature.

Temperament and Grooming

We will groom cats but sometimes they are less than cooperative one's we can only do our best. It is our policy not to refuse fierce cats but for our own safety we do ask owners to warn us if your cat is unlikely to be friendly. Sometimes we are pleasantly surprised, but if not at least we know to be wary.

Food we supply in our cattery

Felix range                                              Wet/Dry

Whiskas range                                        Wet / Dry/Age

Sheba range including soup

Gourmet range

Supermarket range

Cosmo is our range                                  

Go cat range   Any/Age

Purina       Wet/ Dry age/ sensitive

Wainwrights    Wet   

Iams                                                         Wet and dry different flavours

James Wellbeloved        Dry only  ( not hairball due to demand)      NO WET 

Perfect fit                                                 Dry     Age      

Harringtons                                               Wet  and dry

Hi lite                                                       

Hill Science Plan              Dry only              Young/Sensitive             Not all ranges

Royal Canin   ( this is our main dry feed we use in the cattery, however we can not supply all of its ranges due to demand sorry)                       No wet is offered.

Kitten          Second stage     Light weight         Fit 32            Sensible   

We can not carry breed standards sorry or any other clarifications our light weight is the most popular for cats lazing around on their holidays.


Our grain free ranges are Arden grange, that comes in palatable light too

Or James Wellbeloved.  Iams.

We have treats to offer

I feed my cats Purrform raw feed, I do not supply this in the cattery. However if you are interested I am happy to give them a taste as I know it can be quite expensive with the postage and packaging just to give it a try. Its like Marmite, they either love it or hate it!

Feeds, we are unable to offer from 01/10/2021 due to supply, demands and costings: 

 Prescription feed.

AVA                  Wet and DRy

 Royal Canin       Wet feed of any kind.

 Encore or Applaws        Wet or Dry.

 Lily’s kitchen Wet feed. We may look at dry if the cat/s is in for over 16 days.

 Hunters range

 James Wellbeloved        Wet only

 Crave       Wet or Dry

 Scrumbles            Wet or Dry

 Meowing Heads     Wet or Dry

 Vets kitchen          Wet or Dry

Purr and Miaow       Wet or Dry

We are happy to serve these to your cats if you would like to supply. No discount is given sorry. 

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